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Ingénieure d'étude en traitement d'imagerie scientifique au sein de l'ANR PaleoBRAIN 


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  • Bardo Ameline, Filippo Andréa & Balzeau Antoine, janvier 2023« Chapter 6 - Lateralized Behaviors in Living Humans: Application in the Context of Hominin Brain Evolution » in Progress in Brain Research.. The left and right hemispheres of our brains differ subtly in structure, and each is dominant in processing specific cognitive… vol. 275, , dir. {Elsevier} p. 143-164
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  • Provini Pauline, Brunet Alexandre, Filippo Andréa & VanWassenbergh Sam, février 2022In vivo intraoral waterflow quantification reveals hidden mechanisms of suction feeding in fish. Virtually all fishes rely on flows of water to transport food to the back of their pharynx. While external flows that draw food… eLife vol. 11, , e73621
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  • Gheerbrant Emmanuel, Filippo Andrea & Schmitt Arnaud, juillet 2016Convergence of Afrotherian and Laurasiatherian Ungulate-Like Mammals: First Morphological Evidence from the Paleocene of Morocco. Molecular-based analyses showed that extant “ungulate” mammals are polyphyletic and belong to the two main clades Afrotheria … PLOS ONE vol. 11, n° 7, e0157556 Publisher: Public Library of Science